Am I pregnant or not?


The optimum time for scanning me to determine a viable pregnancy is 32-35 days post mate. I can be scanned earlier than this but please contact Julia to discuss.

Home visits if required. good for dogs that dont travel well or to reduce risk of infection / disease that may be picked up at your Vets 


Why scan me?


Ultrasound scanning is completely harmless. It uses a convex external probe with a connection gel to produce an internal image. It will determine wether or not your bitch is carrying a viable pregnancy or not. This puts your mind at rest too if she is showing signs of a phantom or false pregnancy. It gives you time to get yourself ready for the imminent litter. 

Correct feeding of your bitch is really important. if you are expecting only a small litter or worst case scenario a single puppy. 


If you are entering shows in advance, knowing she is in whelp can prevent expensive entry fees from being wasted. 




Photos and Videos may be taken for personal use.

Scanning Prices


Initial scan £25 if positive £20 if negative.


Repeat Scans £15


Retained Puppy Check after Whelping £20


Travel rates of 50p per mile for home visits. Please ask for a quote. 

I am qualified, insured and competent to carry out ultrasound scans to determine viable pregnancies. Litter size estimates if required are a guide as to your expected litter. There are many reasons why this cannot be 100% accurate. the main one being reabsorption of some or whole of the litter. 

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