Welcome to my website. I have been involved in canine breeding for the last 18 years. I am qualified, insured and competent in carrying out small animal scans to determine viable pregnancies. Other services provided are Microchipping, Artificial Insemination & Stud Dog Fertility Testing.

I also advertise for free for my customers their litters & their stud dogs. 

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Two 35 day gestation sacs
 View of Puppys Spine & Tail  7 weeks
Numerous 35 day Gestation Sacs
5 1/2 week puppy showing his face to us.
First glimpse of my girls pregnancy at day 18
5 1/2 weeks. Puppy outline obvious now
Skunks at 4 1/2 weeks gestation
6 1/2 week old kitten.Skeleton laid down
Cat pregnancy at 5 1/2 weeks 
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